Personal Training
Set Goals & Challenge Yourself

Personal Training


Sessions tailored to YOUR needs and goals
Improve strength and endurance
—Improve body composition
—Receive nutritional guidance
—Increase energy levels

By working with a knowledgeable fitness professional, your workouts will change/evolve as you progress, preventing hitting a plateau and boredom. Invest in YOUR health today!


On-Site Personal Training

One on One
Partner Training
Small Group Training

Get the most out of your guided fitness journey with meeting with a personal trainer at the gym.

Most clients tend to prefer this method as it helps keep their motivation high which leads to more accountability and overall safety and results.


Wellness Coaching & Program Development

Looking for guidance outside the gym?
Need a little more guidance when it comes to developing meals?
Want to learn to control your food intake without counting calories and yo-yo dieting?
Looking for a training program that you can do on your own?

Wellness Coaching and Program Development are two options available for the individual who just wants a little extra guidance. That person who has the motivation to do it on their own but doesn’t know how to.


Youth Training

Today’s youths are starting to become more competitive earlier on in life. Part of youth development is proper strength training. With proper strength training your competitive athlete can have a decreased chance of joint/muscle/ligament injury, develop increased balance, learn to manage their pre/post practice/game meals and learn to properly take care of their bodies inside/outside the weight room and competitions.