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Team Work
Relationship Building
Educated, Knowledgeable Instructors

Group Fitness is a great way to stay committed, form friendships, and have a great time while breaking a sweat!

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Classes Offered

Cycling- A fun, heart pumping workout led by enthusiastic instructors motivated by great music! Cycling is perfect for the individual who enjoys riding to the beat or kickin’ it up a notch and adding light weights while riding. To keep things interesting, the format for each class changes regularly as does the instructor.

Strength- Since strength training is an important part to a healthy lifestyle Avenue offers an array of strength infused. From novice to seasoned fitness levels, our instructors guide you through a workout that leaves you burning calories even after you leave the gym! These classes incorporate full body dynamic movements to push your limits using an assortment of weights, varied intervals, and multi-directional movements which help improve cardiorespiratory fitness and functional strength.

Yoga/Pilates- Some times taking a break from cardio and strength is what the body ordered. Yoga/Pilates are two forms of low-impact exercises that individuals of all ages and fitness levels can do to improve both their physical and mental well being.


Small Group Training & Youth Training

Fee Based Class that allows yourself and up to 4 other people workout with a personal trainer in your own private setting.

Small Group Training is ideal for the individual who prefers workouts created by one of Avenue’s personal trainers in a comfortable small group setting. Each workout in Small Group Training is designed for a group of up to 5- individuals can schedule their group as a group of friends or join an existing group. Camaraderie-Lets face it, workouts love company!

Youth Training entitles any member’s youth to train with one of Avenue’s personal trainers who specialize in youth development in sport. Our trainers consider appropriate exercise selection- as it is crucial for young athletes who are often physically underprepared to tolerate the demands of sports. The trainer will design a program with sound scientifically backed principles that emphasize injury reduction with the goal of improved performance and happy kids! Each youth goes home with a custom training manual designed for them during this 8 week, 2x a week training program.
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