Fall 2019 Group Fitness Schedule

Starting Monday September 9th- Avenue’s Group Fitness Schedule will take on a new approach. This season we are focused on structure- we designed the group fitness schedule to optimize your results while decreasing overuse of muscles.

New Classes starting this fall

  • Power 30/45- 30-45 minutes broken down into the format of: 10-15 minutes of HITT or Tabata cardio followed by 20-30 minutes of strength training.  This class is designed to burn roughly 300-450 calories.

  • Cycle Ride-  Just a challenging ride that will burn not only your legs but calories.

  • Cycle: Intervals & Arms- Cycle with intervals while working those arms.  Total energy output is increased with the addition of arm work during this class. 

New Instructors added this fall

Avenue is welcoming Renee Crates, Christin Vernick and Sherry Coleman to the team this fall. Keep an eye out for more information about these ladies as their classes startup.

Click on the image to register online

Click on the image to register online